Monday, 22 June 2015

Dosa Batter Recipe !!!

Dosa batter recipe i have mostly posted only for my young readers and friends who buy ready made batter :) Most of my goan friends must be wanting to learn how to make dosa batter so they can enjoy  Dosa  at home :)

Servings 4-5
Total time : 1 day   Cooking time : 1 min or little more per dosa.

3 small cups of Dosa rice
1 small cup of urad dal/black lentil
1/4 cub left over rice
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar for fermentation

  • Previous day morning soak dosa rice,black lentil and cooked rice in water.
  • In the evening may be around 7pm you can grind all the ingredients into smooth paste and keep it in a large vessel.
  • Than add sugar and salt ,this helps in fermentation.
  • Next day morning make Dosa's round and crispy.serve hot with Potato bhaji or chutney of your choice. 

Rice+black lentil+cooked rice ground into dosa batter .

Pic after Fermentation process takes place

Final round and crispy Dosa :)

  • In Spring/cold seasons make sure you grind dosa batter little early because cold weather does not allow much of fermenting and which can spoil your wish of best dosa's.
  • At initial days you might have problem in making round and crispy dosa's but i bet you after some more practise you will make perfect dosa's like hotel.
  • Make sure you use Non-stick dosa pan for making dosa.