Wednesday, 28 June 2017

{Recipe}Tendli Bhaji -Ivy Gourd Stir Fry

Tendli in Konkani and in English it is called Ivy Gourd.The most common recipe of tendli is bhaji or a stir fry.In Goa we even prepare Ivy gourd Pickle which is really loved by all.Today just posting the recipe for Tendli Bhaji prepared by adding lots of onions and freshly grated coconut which really adds the flavour to Ivy Gourd.This Bhaji Goes well as side dish or with Pao its just Tastes Yum.

Servings 5
Total Cooking Time: 15 min

1/4 Kg Tendli/Ivy Gourd cut vertically
2 large onions chopped
1 Large Tomato chopped
2-3 green chilies
1/2 Coconut Grated
1/4 Tsp Turmeric
Salt as per Taste

Instructions to prepare
1)Clean the ivy gourd and wipe well with kitchen towel.Then cut thin vertically.
2)In pan add oil,once heated up add onions and saute for a while.
3)Add chopped tomatoes,green chilies,stir well for 1 min.
4)Then add Ivy gourds and mix well in the onion tomatoes.Add turmeric,salt and mix well .
5)Cover the lid on pan and cook on slow flame for 5.
6)After 5 min open the lid and add fresh coconut.Cover the lid n again let it cook for 2 min.
7)Tendli bhaji done.Enjoy the hot bhaji with Chapati or Goan pao or unndo.