Saturday, 29 August 2015

Tomato Chicken Recipe!!!

Tomato chicken recipe is one of the recipe which i had written in my diary,the days when we were not more exposed to Internet so to preserve the recipe we had to write .Indeed it was fun to sit in front of the TV and note each and every ingredients so carefully.Tomato chicken is the thick gravy in which chicken pieces are smeared in succulent tomato puree cooked over low flame adding seasoning.

Servings 4-5
Total Preparation time : 11/2 hours
Cooking time :30 min

1 Kilo Gram Chicken pieces
1 Kilo Gram Tomato Puree
2 Large Onions fried til golden brown
1 tsp Ginger Paste
1 tsp Garlic Paste
2-3 tsp Ghee
1/2 tsp Turmeric powder
1/2 tsp chili powder
2 green chilies chopped
salt as per taste
water as required


  • First Cook tomato puree in oil and little water for about 1 hour on slow flame till the tomato gravy is reach in colour and keep aside.
  • On the other Hand place a pan on stove,once heated add ghee,than add ginger garlic paste,green chilies chopped and chicken,mix all the ingredients well and fry chicken till it changes colour to light golden brown.
  • Add fried onions and mix again and allow it cook for 5 min.
  • Lastly add the tomato pure and mix well in chicken and allow it to cook in tomato puree for about good 10-15 min till u get thick gravy.
  • Serve Hot with your favorite  roti may be kulcha,naan,or chapati.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Maharashtrian Style Brinjal Sabzi/Vangi Bhaji !!!

Brinjal or Egg Plant is again one among Vegetable that most of the folks relish.relish. Brinjal bhaji is my favorite too.Out of Brinjal we can make many yummy recipes like Baingan ka Bharta,Rava fry Brinjal,in Goa we even prepare brinjal pickle,stuffed brinjal etc etc and preparation differs from region to region ,so lets today cook the way maharashtians cook,theirs cooking is always spicy and masaledar which touches the souls:).Vangi Bhaji requires brinjals and special spices which gets locked into the brinjals by the time it gets cooked.

Servings 4-5
Total preparation time:20 min
Cooking time:20 min

1/2 Brinjals cut into medium pieces
1/2 cup roasted peanuts
2 tsp sesame seeds
1 cup coconut scrapped
2  onion chopped
1 Tomato
1 tsp Coriander powder
1/2 tsp Turmeric powder
1 tsp Chili powder
1/2 tsp Garam masala
1 table spoon oil
2 cups of water
Salt as per taste

  • Keep a deep pan /kadai on stove,once heated add 1/2 tsp oil,than add coconut,onion,sesame seeds and roasted peanuts,roast all the ingredients till light golden brown.
  • Ground the above ingredients into smooth paste and keep aside.
  • Than in pan add remaining oil ,add onions and saute well,than add ground masala,tomato and cook well for 5 min.
  • Start adding the powdered spices ie,coriander powder,turmeric,chili powder,garam masala and mix all well ,again cook for 2 min.
  • Than add water and again cook for 5 min,later add cut pieces,mix well in the masala.
  • Cover the pan/kadai and cook for more 10 min.
  • Serve hot with roti or rice.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Vegetable Fried Rice !!!

Vegetable fried Rice is a dish of a steamed rice stir fried in a wok on high flame,often mixed with other ingredients such as vegetable,eggs or meat and along with some sauces. It is a common stable food of Chinese and specially sold in form of Fast Food.Use of vegetables for tossing depends on persons choice.Today i have used corn kernels,fresh red chilies,green peppers,carrots and Spring onions.

Servings 4-5
Total preparation time : 20 min
Cooking time:10 min

3 cups of boiled /steamed rice
1 Capsicum cut into julienne
2 Carrot cut into Julianne
1/2 Cup of corns boiled
1 Cup Spring onion chopped
2 fresh red chilies slit
5 Large cloves of garlic chopped finely
1 tsp crushed pepper
1 table spoon red chili sauce
1 table spoon soya sauce
salt as per taste
1 tsp sugar


  • Keep a Wok on Stove,make sure its heated as the max,than add oil,since wok is already heated oil will get heated quickly.
  • Than start throwing in the veggies one after the other,also add red chilies.garlic and crushed pepper and keep tossing so that vegetables gets cooked on high flame for about 5 min.
  • Keep the veggies little crunchy.Add the sauces mentioned above and mix all the ingredients well.
  • Than Last add the cooked rice and toss well in the vegetables for about 5 min until the rice gets the flavor and colour of sauces.
  • Serve Hot with Chicken dishes.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Lady Finger Bhaji/Sabzi

Lady Finger Commonly called in India,otherwise its also known as okra(mostly in america) ,bhindi(in Hindi).We In India cook lady finger in different ways and it tastes equally good in which ever way you cook it.We can either make pakora,or stir fry,we can add in curries along with prawns,or even stuff it and fry, in all the ways its just tastes amazing.Today presenting Okra stir fry with onions,tomatoes and coconut mostly the way cooked in Goan Homes.

Servings 3-4
Total Preparation time:15 min
Cooking time : 15 min

1/2 kilo gram Lady Fingers cut into pieces
1 large onion chopped
1 large tomato chopped
1 cup coconut scrapped
2 green chilies
1/2 tsp turmeric
salt to taste


  • In Pan add oil,once heated add onions and saute well.
  • Than add tomatoes,turmeric,green chilies and again cook well till tomatoes are soft.
  • Add Lady fingers and toss well in the mixture,add salt and coconut,stir well again and allow it to cook by covering the lid on low flame for about 10 min.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Lemon Rice Recipe!!!

"Lemon Rice" a typical South Indian Tangy rice recipe.The recipes requires cooked rice and seasoned with our Indian spices and lemon.Just best when there's less time for cooking,tangy taste adds chatpata flavor to your tongue and the tampering creates the aroma to the plain Rice.The only twist i have done is used Fresh red chilies rather than green chilies.

Servings 3-4
Total Preparation Time: 15 min
Cooking time : 5-7 min
Cuisine:South Indian

3 Cups of cooked rice

1 Lemon
1 tsp mustard seeds
10 curry leaves
3 Fresh red chilies
1 table spoon groundnuts
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
slat as per taste
Green coriander for garnishing


  • Place a pan on stove Pan/Kadai ,once heated add mustard and curry leaves,once its starts to crackle add,peanuts, red chilies chopped and onions chopped.
  • Saute all well,than add turmeric and lemon juice ,mix well and than add salt.
  • Keep the flame on high,add rice to the kadai and toss it well until it gets well mixed with the ingredients.
  • Garnish with Green coriander and serve hot.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Goan Chicken Roast Recipe!!

Goan Chicken Roast again one among  most loved and relished dish :) .Its very simply to make in which 5 spice powdered masala is the secret ingredients and makes the chicken Roast outstanding. Chicken roast Goes well as a snack or a starter or also you can shred it and use as a stuffing along with some green salad in slice bread,pao or a roti.Enjoy.

Servings 4-5
Total preparation time : 7 hrs
Cooking time : 30 min

{Below mention ingredients grind into powder}
1 tsp Turmeric powder
2 tsp pepper corns
3 cinnamon sticks
20 cloves
2 tsp cumin

Other ingredients required
1 kilo gram chicken(cut into big pieces)
1 tablespoon Garlic paste
1 lemon juice
1 table spoon vinegar
1 onion chopped
4 Kashmiri chilies
oil for frying
1 tsp sugar for caramelization


  • First wash chicken properly ,than apply salt,2 table spoon above ground masala,garlic paste lemon juice,vinegar,onion and kashmiri chilies.
  • Mix all the ingredients well into the chicken and allow the chicken to marinate for 6 hours.
  • Once marination is done,in pan add little oil and 1tsp sugar and allow it to caramelized.
  • than add chicken and all the masala and roast the chicken till golden brown.
  • Serve hot,its one of the best starter you can serve and also a best side dish.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Pineapple & Potato Bhajiya!!!

Natives of Southern Brazil and Paraguay spread pineapple across south America,and it eventually reached Caribbean,south America and Mexico,where it was cultivated by Mayas and Aztecs(Greatest ancients civilisations)"Pineapple"is a tropical fruit that has yellow flesh and a prickly peel that has a diamond shape pattern to it.

We generally consume Pineapple as a fresh fruit or in form of jams,juices,wines,or in ice-creams,cakes or as preserves,pineapple is also grilled or deep fried ...Surprising isn't it.So you can say use of pineapple in culinary world is unending.

Today is going to be Pineapple and potato Bhajiya/pakora/or baji in Konkani.Seen ,tried and learnt from the show snack attack hosted by one of my Favourite Chef Ranbir Brar.

Servings 4-5
Total Preparation time:15 min min
Frying/cooking time 10 min min

5-6 Rounds/slices of Pineapple(centre removed)
5-6 Potatoes slices
Oil for deep frying
2 tsp gram flour/besan
Salt to taste
1/2 tsp crushed pepper for taste
1 tsp chili powder

For Batter
1 cups of Gram flour
2 tsp chili flakes
1 tsp Turmeric powder
1 tsp Carom seeds/Ajwain
salt to taste


  • To prepare the batter add gram flour,salt,chili flakes,turmeric,carom seeds and water,mix all ingredients well into a smooth batter (not watery) and allow it to rest for 10-12 min.
  • Meanwhile keep oil for heating in kadai/or deep frying pan
  • In a plate add 2 tsp gram flour,salt,chili powder and pepper crushed,mix well and coat the pineapple and potato slices.
  • And deep fry the pineapple and potato slices on medium flame till golden brown.
  • Serve Hot as Tea time snack with Tomato sauce or Green chutney.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Tuna Cutlets Recipe!!!

"Cutlets"when i think of cutlets i can only imagine of Mackerel cutlets which my mum makes and its so yummy in taste !! In Goa we basically make cutlets out of mackerels or any other fish which is very meaty.Cutlets are the common snacks in goan homes and children are the main guest who relish it .But to day i m going to prepare canned Tuna cutlets since it was available in my fridge. Cutlets are prepared by boiling the fish first in water and by then mixing with some amazing spices,later shaping it onto roundels or cylindrical form and shallow fried on tawa.So lets begin :).

Servings 4-5
Total preparation time:30 min
Cooking time 15 min

100 Gram of Canned Tuna fish
1 medium size boiled potato
1 Egg
Bread crumb
Oil for Shallow frying
1 Large onion chopped finely
salt as per taste

For the green paste
2 Green chilies
1 cup of coriander leaves
1/2 stick of cinnamon
1 cardamom
5 cloves
5 pepper corns
1 Table spoon of vinegar(should grind the green paste to vinegar)


  • First Make the thick green paste by adding all the ingredients mention above.(do not make watery paste)
  • Than remove the tuna meat from the tin to a bowl and mash it properly,than add boiled potatoes,salt and mash it well.
  • Keep a pan on stove,add little oil and saute the onions till translucent,than add the mashed mixture of tuna and saute in the onions.
  • Add the green paste to the pan and again mix well into the tuna and cook for more 5 min by continuously stirring.
  • Than let the mixture cool down,once cooled at room temperature add egg and again mix well.
  • In one plate add bread crumbs and on the other hand make small round cutlets of the tuna mixture roll it into bread crumbs and shallow fry till golden brown.
  • Serve hot either as snack or starter.JUST YUMMMILICIOUS !!!

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Tawa Pulao-Street Food !!!

"Tawa Pulao"is basically a Maharashtrian street food.The pulao is basically prepared by tossing boiled rice along with vegetables and some spicy masala's.You will just fall in love with the smell of tawa pulao,no wonder people like you and me go mad for Mumbai street food :).

Servings 4-5
Preparation Time:15 min
Cooking time :12-15 min

3 cups of Boil rice
Oil 2 tablespoon
1 Potato Boilied and cut into cubes
4 florets of cauliflower boiled and cut
1 capsicum finely chopped
3 Tomatoes chopped finely
1/2 tsp cumin seeds
1 onion chopped
1/2 tsp Garlic paste
1/2 tsp Ginger paste
1/2 cup Green peas boiled and mashed
1 tsp chili powder
1 tsp lemon juice
21/2 tsp Pav bhaji masala
4 tsp coriander chopped
salt as per taste


  • Heat oil in deep non-stick pan.Add cumin seeds and when they change colour .add potato,cauliflwer,capsicum and ginger paste.
  • Stir and saute well till the raw smell of ginger disappers.add red chili powder and saute.
  • Add two tsp of pav bhaji masala and stir well.Add the tomatoes,salt and stir.
  • Cover and cook till vegetables become soft.Keep aside few peas and the the remaining add in the pan and stir.
  • Cover and cook for two min.Mash the vegetables lightly.add little water if the mixture is too dry.Add the rice,lemon and toss well.
  • Cover and let the rice get heated through.Garnish with the reserved peas,corinder leaves and sprinkle the remaining pav bhaji masala and serve Hot.I M JUST LOVING IT !!!! :)

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Tricolour Veg Sandwich Recipe !!!

Hi All ,

First of all i would like to take this opportunity to wish all my page viewers and my well wishers a" Happy 69th Independence day"Its such a joy to see our flag hosting high,we feel the sense of freedom,aim to fly high,and so much of pride to be in a country full of diversity and secularism.
So to commemorate the joy of independence i thought let me bring the sense of freedom in my food as well.Presenting below my new experiment in kitchen the "TRICOLOUR SANDWICH"

Servings 4-5
Total Preparation time:30 min

10 brown bread slices
5 white bread slices

For orange spread
1 cup grated carrot
4 table spoon of egg less mayonnaise

For green spread
1 cub green chutney
1/2 cup grated Cottage
For White layer we are going to use White bread


  • To make the orange spread mix carrots grated and mayonnaise and mix well.
  • For green spread mix green chutney and cottage cheese/paneer.
  • now to make a sandwich first place the brown bread at bottom,than put the spread of green chutney and paneer,than place the white bread,on top of the white bread add the spread of carrot and mayonnaise,on top finish it with placing brown bread .
  • press the sandwich well and cut the sides of the sandwich and serve .

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Methi Rice recipe !!!

Servings 3-4
Total preparation time:30 min
Cooking time :15 min

1 bunch of methi leaves/fenugreek fresh leaves
3 cups of rice
one large onion chopped
1 small cub of green coriander
5 cloves of garlic
1 inch ginger
20 pepper corns
3 green chilies
3 vegetable Maggie cubes
salt for taste
10 cashewnuts chopped
water( for one cup of rice add 2 1/2 cup of water)


  • First and foremost clean the fenugreek leaves and chop it finely,than chop onions,and on the other hand in mixer add green coriander,chilies,pepper corns,ginger ,garlic and grind all into fine paste.
  • Than in cooker add oil as required ,once heated add chopped onions,saute onions till transparent and than add the ground green paste and fry well along with onions for about 2 min.
  • Than add cashew nuts and fenugreek/methi leaves,mix well and again cook leaves for 5 min.
  • Add water into cooker,than add Maggie cubes and salt,mix all well and once water is heated than add rice.
  • Mix rice well into the water and cover the lid of pressure cooker and take 2-3 whistles for the rice to cook.
  • once done allow the pressure cooker to cool down,serve rice hot with curd & pomegranate raita.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Apple and Dry Cranberry milk shake !!!

Servings 3-4
Preparation time:15 min

2 medium size apples
4 cups milk
2 table spoon sugar
10 dry/fresh Cranberries
1/4 tsp Cinnamon Powder
5-7 ice cubes


  • First clean and cut the apples,add into the juicer jar and along with apple also add milk,cranberries and sugar.
  • Than blend till smooth.
  • serve in long juice glass and on top sprinkle cinnamon powder.

Harissa Chicken fry Recipe !!!

Servings 3-4
Total preparation time :6 hours 
Cooking time:20-30 min

250 gram chicken pieces
5-6 Chili peppers(fresh red chilies)
10 large garlic cloves(use Chinese garlic)
20 pepper corns
salt for taste
lemon juice
olive oil for grinding

  • First make the harissa paste for that in mixer jar add fresh red chilies,pepper corns,garlic cloves and grind by adding Olive oil gradually,grind into fine paste.
  • Than take the chicken pieces ,wash it well and than apply salt,lemon juice and harissa paste and mix well into the chicken.
  • Marinate the chicken for over night or at least 6 hrs min.
  • Than sallow fry or grill the chicken till golden brown.
  • serve hot and also eat when its hot....its to yummy.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Goan Prawn Curry recipe !!!

Servings 4-5
Total preparation time : 30 min
Cooking time : 15 min

250 gram cleaned prawns
1 whole coconut milk
4 red chilies soaked in water
1 tsp turmeric powder
1 1/2 table spoon coriander seeds
1 tsp cumin seeds
1 small ball of tamarind
5 large cloves of garlic
10 pepper corns
2 onions sliced thin
salt to taste


  • Firstly apply salt to prawns and keep aside and remove the milk of one large coconut and keep aside
  • On the hand grind fine paste of red chilies,coriander seeds,cumin seeds,tamarind,turmeric powder,1 sliced onion,cloves of garlic,pepper corns grind all these ingredients into fine paste.
  • Than add this ground paste into coconut milk and mix well,Than add this mixture in one mud pot or any deep pan ,than add salt and sliced onions and bring to boil for about 7-8 min.
  • Once curry boils than add prawns and again cook for about 4-5 min.
  • Serve hot with steamed rice.Its just classic.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Royal Rustic Veggies!!!

Servings 4-5
Total preparation time : 30 min
Cooking time:15 min

1 Onion cut into cubes
1 capsicum cut into cubes
1 tomatoes cut into cubes or slices
2 table spoon yogurt
1/4 tsp turmeric powder
1/2 tsp garam masala powder
1/2 tsp chili powder
1/2 lemon
salt as per taste
oil for frying

  • In one bowl add yogurt,salt,turmeric,chili powder,garam masala,1/2 lemon juice and mix all the ingredients well 
  • Than in the mixed ingredients add cut veggies and mix well,than allow it to marinate for 15 min.(you can add any veggies/paneer/mushrooms)
  • Than after 15 min of marination shallow fry veggies till golden brown.
  • Serve hot as starters or side dish.