Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Royal Khoya and dry fruits Paratha!!!

Servings 5-6

preparation time :45 min


2 cups whole wheat
200 gram unsweetened khoya /mawa
150 gram of chopped dry fruits(almonds/pistachios/raisins)
1 cup of milk
1 tsp cardamon powder for flavor
4 tsp sugar
butter or ghee for frying
water for kneading flour
little salt


Knead the flour well by adding little salt,water and milk, knead till t becomes soft.allow it to rest for around 15 min.

For stuffing
In pan add khoya,dry fruits and cardamon,sugar and mix well and then cook on low flame till the mixture becomes little soft so its easy to roll the paratha.

Take the wheat which is already kneaded,make round in shape of small roti ,then add table spoon of the khoya stuffing and roll into small chapati,make it slowly so the stuffing is not spilling out.then fry on tava/frying pan by applying ghee or butter till golden brown.yummy dish for kids :)