Friday, 19 August 2016

Goan Stuffed Calamari /Squid with shrimps

Goans prepare squids in different ways and among them one is stuffed squids.Stuffed squids are prepared by stuffing the squid with mixture prepared  by using squids particles or chopped shrimps,onions ,which are then cooked in red recheado masala and fried in oil .Stuffed squids is a great starter and appetiser in your party menu.So lets start with the preparation.

Servings 12
Total Preparation Time : 30-40 min
Cooking Time : 20 min

12 Medium Size whole squids(cleaned)
1 Cup chopped shrimps
1 Large Onion chopped
1 Small Tomato chopped
2 Table spoon of Recheado Masala
Salt as per taste
Tooth picks for sealing


  • First clean and wash the squid well(you can do the cleaning in Fish store itself)then apply salt and keep aside.Make sure keep the squid whole as you need to stuff filling.
  • To make the filling add oil in pan,then add chopped onions and saute for 1 min.Add tomatoes and cook until soft.
  • Add recheado masala and fry well in oil for 2-3 min.Then the chopped shrimps,salt and cook well until dry.Put off the stove and let the filling cool down.
  • Then take each squid and stuff with the shrimp filling and then seal the squid opening with the tooth pick so the filling doesn't come out.
  • Once finished with stuffing,then fry the squids in little oil on non-stick pan till golden brown.
  • Make sure you cover the lid and fry the squid on slow flame so its cooked well.
  • Best starter with sweet ,tangy,and fishy flavour .