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{Recipe}Mango stuffed Paratha

Today's recipe on my blog is Mango stuffed paratha. As i am very late in posting the recipe because it was prepared during mango season .I ended up preparing mango paratha is because the mangoes which i purchased to make jam were not that sweet and also more in quantity,so it was really a big question mark as to what to prepare out of these mangoes rather wasting it?.Then i remembered in 2010 when i was working with American Express we had mango fest in office and we had to prepare any dish using mangoes and during that time i had prepared mango paratha and it was a super-duper Hit.So these office memories helped me recreate my Mango stuffed Paratha.

Mango paratha can also be a good option for kids tiffin box as its sweet and also mangoes are loved by kids.A little time you will have to spend in preparing the mango mixture ,mango pulp being very liquidy it takes bit time to reduce it to thick consistency.But you will not regret spending some much hard time in kitchen because of the amazing taste of mango paratha's. Bet me you will get really great comments from your kids :).So chalo lets begin with the recipe.

Total Preparation  Time:1 hour
Cooking time : 2-3 min for each paratha

For Mango Halwa
6-7 Mango pulp
100 Gram unsweetened  koya
1 Table spoon of Cardamom powder
2-3 Table spoon sugar(add as per your tooth)
1 Table spoon Ghee

For Dough
2-3 Cups of wheat flour
Water  for kneading
Little salt
Ghee for frying Paratha


  1. First Knead the dough.(for kneading take flour,add salt and add water little by little and knead until soft.Then add little oil and knead again for 1 min.Once done keep aside in bowl by covering with cloth or lid.
  2. Then too make Halwa: In pan add Ghee once heated up at the mango pulp and stir well for about 10 min.You will see that once it starts to cook it will become more liquid so you require lots of patience. 
  3. After 10 min add koya and sugar .Keep stirring continuously  until it mixes well.Cook for more 20 min till you see the mango mixture thickens .The add cardamom powder and gain cook till its leaves the pan and becomes thick dough of ball.If it still little watery or thin in consistency the keep the mixture in refrigerator for half and hour.
  4. Take the wheat dough and make roundels and keep aside and also make small rounds of mango halwa and keep aside.
  5. Then take each round of wheat and make small roti and the place the mango halwa round as shown below.
  6. Then cover the mango round by wheat dough same as you do for potato paratha or purn polli.
  7. Roll the the same with  wheel pin in shape of chapati,making sure the mango stuffing do not come out.
  8. Fry the mango paratha on hot pan using ghee.
  9. Fry until light brown caramelise on paratha.
  10. Its done and  just perfect snack for you kid.

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