Friday, 10 February 2017

Goan Recheado Masala Recipe

Here comes the recipe of my favourite masala "Goan Recheado Masala". It's a very versatile Masala paste and must to have paste in all goan Kitchens. Recheado masala is used stuffing fish like Bangde (mackerels),Pomplet (pomfrets),Calamari (squids) and also vegetables like bhende(ladyfinger),eggplant slice etc and then shallow frying. Red Recheado masala is blend of Indian spices which gives Spicy flavour ,vinegar for savoury flavour and last sugar for the sweetness as most of the goan food is.

The preparation of Recheado paste may requires prior 30 min of soaking of the spices in Vinegar and then grinding to fine paste.The paste you can preserve for about six months because there is no water involved in grinding.As you read you might have noticed its ground only by using vinegar.Also because of sugar and fried onions the masala nice sweet taste.
Servings : 250 gram(bottle full)
Preparation Time : 40 min

100 Gram Kashmiri chilies+few small chilies with spice
1 Table spoon Cumin seeds
1 Table spoon of pepper corns
1 Table spoon Cloves
1 Table spoon sugar
3 Inch of ginger
2 Large pod of Garlic(peeled)
1 Large Stick of cinnamon
2 Tsp Turmeric Powder
Salt as per taste
Vinegar for Grinding the Recheado Paste

1. In large bowl soak all the ingredients accept sugar,onion and oil.(ingredients to be soaked red chilies,garlic,ginger,pepper corns,cumin seeds,turmeric,salt)soak for about 30 min.
2.After 30 min up grind all the ingredients to a fine smooth paste.While grinding add vinegar as an when required.Add sugar and grind again.
3.Chop the onion very fine and the fry till golden brown.After onion is cooled down add the same to the recheado paste and mix well.Using of fried onions is optional you can prepare the paste with onions too.
4.Then nicely store in glass jar and store in refrigerator .Can use for all your fish fries,and other recipes.

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