Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Bangdyanche Hooman/Mackerel Hooman

Bangdyanche Hooman is nothing but Goan Mackerel Curry.The Only twist in this Hooman is very less ingredients and added flavour of Teppal/Tirfhal/Teflam( szechuan pepper). This beautiful Hooman recipe is given by my Best Buddy Shalan patil . So thankful to her that she provide me this simple Fish Curry recipe.

Normally a fish curry recipe will have ingredients like coconut,raw onion,red chilies,cumin seeds,dry coriander seeds,garlic,some even add ginger ,pepper corns etc.But today's recipe it has only coconut,dry chilies .dry coriander,szechuan pepper  and Tamarind....isn't it so simple. Lets begin 

6 Mackerels(clean and Cut)
1 Coconut Grated
12 Dry Red chilies
2 Table spoon of coriander seeds
1 Small size ball of Tamarind
1 Tsp of Turmeric
10-12 Trifhal/Teppal/szechuan peppers
(can soak in little water for some time)
salt as per Taste
Water for grinding


1.First apply to the cleaned mackerels salt and little Turmeric and keep aside until you prepare for the Grinding.
2.Then in a mixture jar add grated coconut,red chilies,coriander,tamarind and turmeric,with required water grind the ingredients to fine paste.Then at the last grind add trifhal and grind for few seconds.Grinding trifhal will give more flavour to the Hooman.
3.Add the ground masala to the kundle(Mud vessel) or any vessel ,then add required water and keep it on stove with medium flame.
4.Once you see hooman boiling add the cut pieces of Mackerels and also add salt if required.
5.Let it cook for 10 min or more until mackerels are cooked.
6.Serve Hooman hot with steamed rice.

Thanks for visiting my page and recipe.
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