Tuesday, 15 November 2016

PinWheel Sandwich -Kids Zone

14 November being Children's day, my son had sharing day in school and it was just a BIG question as to what to cook  past 1 week . As it is for kids, we should prepare something colour full , innovative and  healthy, as kids get bored to eat the same type of food. When it comes to my son, his demands are high as to what i should cook, and since he observes me cooking different kind of food, he expects his snack box to be different from the others . My only concern was to avoid cooking oily or deep fried snacks, so keeping all this in mind, I thought of preparing Pinwheel sandwich for his snack box, as it is normal sandwich would be difficult to handle and also they find to to heavy.Pinwheel on other hand are small bites of sandwich with different shape and with colourful layers .Picked up idea from chef Tarla Dalal.
Servings 6-7
Total Preparation Time : 30 min 

1 Loaf of Slice Bread 
1/2 Small Bowl Green chutney
1/2 small Bowl butter
1/2 Small Bowl Jam
1/2 Small Bowl Mustard sauce
1/2 Small Bowl Mayonnaise
1 Bowl Julianne's of red and green capsicum
1/2 Bowl of iceberg lettuce
Cling  cover to roll


1)First Cut the outer edges of the Bread and roll the bread thin with rolling pin.

2)Spread Jam on one slice,mustard & Mayonnaise on one slice and Green chutney & butter on last one.

3)Place all three slices on top of the other and on top slice Place the Julienne of red and green capsicum and iceberg lettuce.
4)Roll the bread using cling  cover,tightened the cling  tight on both the edges.This will make roll firm and will help to cut the bread wheel without breaking while cutting.
5)Allow the bread rolls to rest in cling  cover for around 15 min and then slowly uncover and cut into small rounds.This will show the colourful  layers of the sandwich .The Pinwheels are ready to serve your little one and make them happy .Enjoy!!!