Thursday, 4 January 2018

{Recipe}Peppery and Tangy Prawn Fry

Peppery and Tangy Prawn fry is simple prawn fry recipe using homemade ginger garlic paste,fresh pepper corns crushed and with lots of lemon juice and rice flour for coating which gives the prawns crispy crunch when taking a bite.
In Goa Prawns dishes are prepared in different ways few already on my blog like starting from Rava/Semolina coated Prawns Fry,Goan Prawn Curry recipe,{Recipe}Prawn Balchao (Goan Prawn pickle),Goan Prawns and Clams pulao /Sungta ani Tisreyancho Pulao,Prawns Recheado fry,Prawn Rissois (Goan Authentic Dish) and there are many more which i am yet to post.Today lets begin with peppery and tangy prawn fry and don't forget to give a try.

Servings 5-6
Cuisine -Goan
Author Ispolina Silveira
Total Preparation Time :30 min 
Total Cooking time : 15 min


20 Large Prawns/Shrimps
2 Table spoon Ginger/Garlic paste(homemade fresh)
2 Table spoon Fresh Pepper corn crushed
1 Large Lemon Juice
1 Tsp Turmeric powder
Salt as per taste
1 Tablespoon of rice flour just for crisp
Oil for shallow fry


1)First take the prawns and just cut their extra legs and the black thread which is on back of prawn.Remove the shell if required or you can use with shell.
2)Wash well and then apply the above ingredients that is ginger/garlic, turmeric,salt,pepper crushed ,lemon and rice flour.Mix all well and allow to marinate for 15 min.
3)Then add oil and once heated well fry the prawns till nicely cooked.
4)Serve hot with your daily rice ,fish curry or just enjoy as starters.Its just yum.
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