Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Green Chutney Sandwich !!

"Green Chutney Sandwich"Less time in preparation,Simple to make & just awesome in taste.Green chutney sandwich is one of the best snack for kids birthday party or any other get-together.Green chutney along with the soft butter or some cheese slice give the plain bread a spicy and sweet taste which everyone enjoys.Chutney recipe already on Blog.

Servings 4
Total Preparation Time :15 min

Sandwich Bread
50 gram Butter
Cheese slices(optional)

  • Take the bread slice,on one side apply generous amount of butter.Than place a cheese slice.
  • place on top one more slice bread,apply green coriander chutney to the slice and cover with another slice bread so all together we are using three slices bread .
  • Than cut the brown edges of the bread and cut into the shape of your choice or the shape which your kid likes.
Note:You just use butter for spread if cheese not available.apart from butter can use mayonnaise also on one layer.