Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Cafreal Chicken Tortilla Wrap

Tortilla is a soft flat-bread made either from finely ground wheat or Maize (corn tortilla).Wheat tortilla is innovation of Spanish Jews who did not considered corn meal to be Kosher while in Mexico and central America its corn Tortilla.In appearance and use Tortilla are rather similar to south Asian Chapati or Roti's.

Tortilla remains the stable food of Mexico and Central America.We Indian's have love for Chapati's and Roti's so it was not so very difficult to accept Tortilla's.Its easily available in any super markets.

Tortilla's Stuffing mostly consist of Beans,Onions,tomatoes,chicken,lettuce,Mayonnaise,creams, meats and its goes on along with some sauces of your choice.Anything might be the stuffing Tortilla wraps are always so Tasty and quick to make provided you have stuffing ready in refrigerator ;).Since there was some Marinated Cafreal chicken in my refrigerator so i thought of making Cafreal Chicken tortilla Wrap inspired by our very own Goan Dish Chicken Cafreal. Here we go.....

Servings 4
Total Preparation Time:20 min
Cooking Time:10 min

4 Salsalito Tortilla Wraps
240 Gram of Boneless Chicken(cafreal marination recipe link-)Cocina !!!: Chicken Cafreal !!!
1 Bowl of Red,yellow and green bell peppers julienne
2 Onions chopped
2 Tomatoes Chopped
2 Bowl of lettuce chopped
1 Bowl of Yogurt and mint spread(Mix yogurt and mint Chutney ,you can use mayonnaise)
Tomato ketchup for Taste.

  • First shallow fry the chicken marinated in Cafreal Masala Paste.Once its fried well allow it to cool and finely shred the Chicken.
  • On the other side cut the other veggies accordingly and keep it in plate.Saute bell peppers with olive oil ,salt and little crushed pepper corns.
  • Than take the  Tortilla wraps and heat it on pan so that it becomes little soft and easy to fold.
  • Place the Tortilla on plate,than in the center add the Cafreal chicken shreds,onions,tomatoes,bell peppers ,lettuce chopped and last on top sprinkle the yogurt mint spread.
  • Fold the Tortilla well so the stuffing doesn't come out.After giving a fold again roast the tortilla on pan ,this will help in sealing the edges of tortilla because of heat.
  • Once done serve immediately along with dip or Tomato sauce.