Wednesday, 17 August 2016


15th August is the Independence day of India and its a grand celebration,but for the Catholics its a  double celebration because we also celebrate the feast of assumption of our Virgin Mother Mary.(Holy day of obligation)In Goa we mark the celebration of Feast by preparing Patoleo. Its also prepared by the Konkani Catholics located in Mangalore,Belgum,Hubli,Dharwad. Our Hindu friends prepare patoleos on their feasts of Shravan and Nag Panchami .

Patoleo is a sweet Dish made by using local rice paste as the base ,the same rice paste is applied on turmeric leaves and then coconut and goan palm jaggery as stuffing ,then covered and steamed until cooked.Once cooled down then just need to peel the turmeric leave and enjoy the aromatic patoleo. The reason to use the Turmeric leaves for making patoleo is only to get that aroma. Patoleos become more tastier the next day when you reheat them on pan and eat.

All these years its only my Mummy who prepared Patoleos and i was there just for help.But this year i tried my first attempt of preparing Patoleos. Again the taste was good same as mommy but the peeling of turmeric leave was little difficult.So hoping i make it more perfect like mommy next year.

200 Gram of Goan boiled rice soaked overnight(can use Normal rice also)
1 Coconut scrapped
10-12 Turmeric Leaves
2  Goan Pyramid Jaggery grated
1 Table spoon of Cardamom powder
1/4 cup of water
Salt little

For Rice base:Grind the rice along with little salt to a fine thick paste.
For Stuffing:In pan add jaggery and little water,cook jaggery until dissolved completely and should become thick.than add  scrapped coconut and cook again.Add cardamon powder and cook the mixture until thick.Allow it to cool.Meanwhile wash the leaves well under the running water because there can be mud particles on leaves.
 Spread the rice paste very well on the leaf surface using your fingers,make sure you wet fingers in water every time you spread the paste so it can spread smoothly without sticking to your fingers.
Place the coconut jaggery stuffing in the center of the leaf .

Fold the leaves well and make sure no stuffing comes out.Do not press hard while folding.
Then take a idli steamer ,place one idli rack at the bottom and place the the patoleos very carefully on top of the other.Cover the lid and steam it for 20-30 min.Once done let it cool for some time,to enjoy the patoleo just peel the turmeric leaf and enjoy the hot patoleo full of flavour and aroma.