Friday, 6 November 2015

HomeMade Burger !!!

Homemade Burger-Just tried to stuff the mayo based cold salad with roasted chicken pieces with some pepper crushed and herds.It was not plan of making burger ,but since there was Burger buns in home and few tossed veggies and chicken left after making spaghetti noddles ,so just thought can add little mayo and cheese and can make a Burger for my kid.Unplanned burger was really yummy and my Clive just loved it.

Servings 4
Total Preparation time:20 min

4 Burger Buns
150 Gram/1 Cup of boneless chicken
1 Bowl of veggies Chopped(carrots,french beans.bell peppers)
1 Tsp Pepper crushed
1 Tsp each of Green chili sauce,red chili sauce,soya sauce,tomato ketchup)
4 Cheese slices
2-3 Table spoon of mayonnaise(egg less or with egg)
Salt as per taste

  • First cut the chicken into small pieces or you can cut into small strips.
  • In One pan add oil,once heated add the chicken and saute it well on medium flame,add salt and pepper and again saute till chicken is cooked and changes colour to white.
  • Than in the same pan add oil and one by one saute all the veggies but make sure its has its crunch .
  • Once finished tossing the veggies in the same pan add the chicken and veggies ,into that add the sauces and salt if required and toss all over again so that it gets mixed well with sauces,saute for about 2-3 min.
  • Once done allow the chicken and veggies to cool down ,add into it mayonnaise and mix well.
  • Take the burger bun cut it into two slice ,than place the stuffing made and top place the cheese slice,cover it with other portion of bun and toast the bun on pan on both side for 2-3 min.
  • Sever quickly with tomato ketchup .