Friday, 4 December 2015

Samosa recipe!!!

The samosa is claimed to be originated in middle east prior to 10 century and it was called as Sambosa. Samosa is a fried or baked pastry with a savoury filling ,such as boiled potatoes,onions,peas ,other vegetables and  minced meat(mutton,beef or chicken).The entire pastry is than deep fried in vegetable oil and its served hot with some spicy chutneys like pudina chutney or tamarind chutney or ketchup.The typical shape of samosa is triangle and size vary as per what filling we use.

Samosa is the best snack during tea time,its outer crispy crust and the spicy potatoes or meat filling just creates a crunch and flavours in our mouth,along with that accomplishments of chutneys is just Yum.

Servings 4-5
Total Preparation time:1 hour
Cooking time:20 min

For Dough
250 Gram Maida/all purpose flour

For Filling
4-6 Boiled Potatoes
2 medium size onions chopped finely
4 Green chilies
1/2 tsp pepper crushed
1 Table spoon garlic/ginger chopped
1 cup of green coriander chopped
1/4 Tsp Turmeric powder
Salt as per taste
Curry leaves
1 Tsp mustard seeds
1 Tsp Cumin seeds


  • First start with kneading the flour,for that take the flour in large plate,than add salt and knead it into smooth dough by adding water as required.Do not add more water other wise it will be sticky and the pastry wont roll properly.Last take little oil and knead the dough again and allow to rest for 10 min so the dough becomes soft and smooth.
  • Mix little flour in water and make thick paste for sticking or sealing the samosa
  • On the other hand start to prepare the filling.For that keep the pan on stove ,add oil and once oil heated add mustard seeds and cumin seeds,once you see it crackling add curry leaves,green chilies chopped,ginger-garlic and onions.Saute all very well for 2-3 min.
  • Than add turmeric powder and mashed boiled potatoes and mix well ,than add salt,pepper crushed and chopped coriander .Stir the filling well,cover the pan and allow the potato bhaji to cook for 2-3 min on slow flame.
  • once done switch of the flame and let the filling cool down at room temperature.
  • Now take the medium round of dough and roll it into a large roti. Once roti is done cut into four (take knife and cut the round roti into semi circle and than again cut semi circle into half so it will be in shape of triangle.)
  • Than take one portion and hold on your palm by facing the pointed portion upwards,get the side wings at the center and seal it with flour paste which acts as a gum and feeling wont come out.once you stick the wings it will look in shape of cone.Add the filling into the cone and get the pointed portion down and cover the mouth of cone by applying flour gum so the cone will change its shape to triangle.
  • Make more triangle samosa's and keep side.Pour oil in kadai/deep pan for frying.let it get heated well .
  • Once you feel oil is hot to the right temperature you can start deep frying your samosa's.Fry on medium oil so that samosa gets cooked well from inside and outside as well.
  • Serve hot with a hot cup of tea and sauces of your choice.